About photographer Elena Skullova. Photographer and retoucher Elena Skullova


My name is Elena Cherepanova, I am 34 years old, hauling from Russia (Yaroslavl city), but living in Serbia (Belgrade).

“Skullova” is my artistic pseudonym, because my last name means 'SKULL' in Russian.

I speak Russian, English, a bit of German and I am currently learning Serbian.

I am shooting since 2008. My first camera was Nikon D60, then I switched to Canon 7D, which I replaced for Canon 6D on which I do my shoots nowadays.

I am working as a professional retoucher and photo editor since 2011. This is my main source of income, as the Photoshop window feels like my second home :)

I have a long experience teaching Photoshop (which I am doing since 2014). I teach online (via Skype) and I have my own photo-school in Russia. More than 60 students have finished my course!

I like to shoot dark/gothic/fantasy style, because I really love the atmosphere. I have been obsessing with such music, aesthetic, philosophy and literature since I was 14 years old.

I am not a model, but I know how to pose and I like to do it in front of my talented boyfriend-photographer Marko Smiljanic (markosmiljanic.com).
Almost all of my photos during the last 4 years were taken by him.

As I have experience posing in front of the lens, I can easily help my models relax when shooting. Helping them find a right pose is something that comes natural to me!

I like to shoot characteristic and unique people for my portfolio. I like long hair, pale skin, bright eyes, slender body type, unusual hair color, freckles, unsymmetrical facial features, androgynous vibes and the overall dreamy appearance.

My experience as a photographer helps me see the final look of the photo and the way I would retouch the shots, before we’ve even had a shooting together!

I am a musician, and 10 years ago I thought that my professional life would revolve around music and that photography will be just a hobby.

Everybody in my family are good singers, and my parents are still having concerts all around Europe with their choir. I have been singing from the early days, and when I was 6 I’ve started learning how to play violin and piano.

When I was 15 I finished with music school and became a keyboardist in a local “black metal” band. After this I had a lot of musical projects, but what makes me proud the most is my band SEA OF DESPAIR. I am a keyboard player and a singer and we still exist to this day! We have 3 albums, and you can listen to us on www.youtube.com/c/SEAOFDESPAIR

I love to travel. I am trying not to miss the opportunity to go somewhere and explore the world. My best companion is my boyfriend Marko, who has the same passion for adventure.

I like to inspire people through my art and my wish is to become a better photographer and retoucher!

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